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Wonder, Book Review

Wonder gives a realistic look at the brutal reality that is a hushed topic in childrens’ books. Wonder is about something that we people don’t like talking about because it is so rare and so sad. But August is a boy who can’t be concealed by silence or invisibility in his world, simply because of the way he looks.
August Pullman, the main character of the book, suffers from a rare condition called mandibulofacial dysostosis. He is 10 years old and does what normal 10 year olds do but to other people, he isn’t normal. Things are tough for August and his family. He has a protective big sister, loving parents, but no friends. He has a hard time making friends. Wonder mainly revolves around the “first day at school” scenario, except things are harder for him. He had always been home schooled and never gotten the experience of being around many kids before. As expected, every day he constantly got bullied behind his back, but he knew. All he wanted, was to be accepted. Although, despite his appearance, he really is intelligent.
My favourite part of the story is when all of Auggie’s classmates join him to take a photo. This is my favourite moment in the story because it makes me overjoyed for the fact that Auggie finally got accepted. After all the sadness he goes through in the years, this simple gesture shows an act of acceptance that makes him happy, his friends happy, and makes me happy. My favourite character in the story is Olivia. Olivia is Auggie’s older sister who is very caring and supportive of him. She portrays a mature but loving role both through her rough and positive times.
Wonder, a true, but sad story is about acceptance and how judgemental people can be. This book’s message clearly refers to the saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover.” Except it talks about a child’s appearance. This book gave me a real view of how harsh people can be towards each other and the effects on the child being judge. This book will leave you filled with inspiration and appreciation for all the good things in life.